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iCollect is used by many Australian businesses to help them solve their bad-debt problems. The list of our Australian clients include large corporations and small “one man” businesses. Whatever the size of your business iCollect is guaranteed to help you solve your cash flow problems

I found the iCollect system fast and easy to set up on my computer. In the 3 months I have been using it I have virtually eliminated my
bad debt problem…

Clearbro Contractors

We have been using the i collect system for approximately 5 years, During this time we have found it a very effective business tool in the collection of our overdue accounts. It certainly gets a response and the letters are very well worded so as not to offend our customers. From our point of view it is a very simple system to use. By using i collect letters first we find we have less bad debts occurring. We have no hesitation in recommending
this system to improve cash flow.

Laser Plumbing

I love the fact that I don’t have to phone the people who owe us money, it was a job I always hated and put of for as long as possible. iCollect not only saves me from this, but is ten times more effective than I ever was at collecting the debts.

J Cummings, Cummings Builders

Bad debts almost put me out of business. I was ready to walk away from it all when I heard about iCollect and decided to give it one last shot. After only 6 weeks I recovered nearly all the money owing to me, and was back on a good financial footing

Express Plumbing

I have been using iCollect for over 6 months now and find it fantastic. The automatic system saves me so much time each week and the bad debts are under control. I spend more time building my business instead of trying to save it

Paradean Trucking

Hi Luana, Thanks for letting me know where things are up to with Brent. We appreciate your efforts. We have already contacted Dun and Bradstreet and Veda Australia, and their fees and charges for small businesses like ours are prohibitive (amounts owed to us by individuals rarely go above $3,000). It is so disappointing that we – effectively – have no legal recourse against any client who simply will not pay. We have looked into other legal action and again, it is prohibitive when the amount owed to us is small compared to the fees and charges involved in seeking payment. Thanks again for your efforts with Brent. We are happy with how iCollect is working, and the number of long term debtors is being reduced, so we are definitely pleased about that.

Kath, Deeper Sleep

Hello Graeme, Just recommended your system to someone again – done it several times now, and it just occurred to me I’ve never told you how well it’s worked for us. It works a treat! – thank you!

Stuart Williamson - Manager, South City Print

Hi Luana, Yes he has paid. Thanks for your follow up on that. Would like to wish you a safe and awesome festive season from all of us here at Taege Engineering Ltd. We would like to also thank you for all your help with our overdue accounts in the last 2 years. The software we have purchased from you has helped us recuperate nearly 250K in outstanding debt over the last 18 months. The best $400 we have spent. Once again merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Tracy Ringrose , Taege

Hi Graeme, Our customer has paid in full, your initial letter did the trick perfectly, thank you.Can you please cancel this subscription and confirm that you have done so via email.

Jan Lambert Design

Your program has got us so much more results than Prushka that we have been using for the last 5 years! Please feel free to use this as a testimonial

Glitz Gymnastics Academy