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How iCollect Works

First thing iCollect debt collection programme will do:

Produce a polite letter on Guardian Credit Service’s letterhead, asking your debtor to send your money directly to you. This debt recovery letter is generated from your printer and is signed by Auckland-based debt collection agency Guardian Credit Services. (You have option to skip this letter).

You can expect a response over 60% from this letter. (The Power of “Third Party” Impact)

If the debtor has an email address, this, and all relevant debt recovery letters will also be sent via email.

Debt Collection NZ

7 days later iCollect debt collection software will:

Produce a Default Notice, warning your debtor that their credit rating will be damaged for five years if they do not pay within 72 hours.

Over 80% of the debtors responded at this stage.

iCollect Debt Collection Letter

Day 14 iCollect debt collection software will:

Give you an option to register a Default with Baycorp (Veda Advantage). This will damage their credit rating for five years

Next iCollect will:

A final warning letter on Guardian Credit Services debt collection agency letterhead is sent to your debtor Threatening Legal Proceedings.

Over 90% would have paid by now, however, if any have not, you have the option to hand over the debt to Auckland-based debt collector Guardian Credit Services for collection.
iCollect Debt Collection Letter

The thank you letter

When a debtor pays, you have the option to send a “Thank you” letter.

iCollect debt recovery software will send reminder notices on behalf of your business in Australia.

This will handle the slow payers.