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Frequently Asked Questions About Debt Collection

Q . Is the price from $39 a one off payment or a monthly fee?

From $39+gst per month is all it takes to get the power of iCollect

Q . I am already sending letters to my debtors and I don’t believe the iCollect letters will make a difference.

Your letters are probably very similar to the iCollect letters. There is nothing magical in what we say in the iCollect letters, it is the fact that they are from a third party that gets the response from your debtors.

Q . I have a very awkward debtor and I don’t know what to do.

Call the iCollect help line (1800 257 534) for free advice.

Q . Is the program easy to use?

Yes, all you have to do is enter your debtor’s name, address and the amount of the debt and “Click” on save, and the iCollect program will take over.

Q . How do I know when to print the letters?

The iCollect program will automatically remind you.

Q . Does it work on a Apple Mac?


Q . Some of my accounts are disputed?

The iCollect program will take you through a step by step procedure and there is the iCollect helpline for free advice.

Q . Do I need a colour printer?

No all the letters are printed on a black and white letterhead. (We do this at Guardian Credit Services)

Q . If the debtor does not pay, what can be done?

You have the option to let Guardian Credit to collect your debt.

Q . Do I ever get charged commission?

No, with iCollect there is no commission, however, if for some reason the debtor does not pay and you refer the account for collection to Guardian Credit Services, there is a commission on payments.

Q . How do I register a Default to damage my debtors credit rating?

Just follow the steps in the iCollect program.

Q . Is there a cost to register a Credit Default?

Yes. $44.98 + gst

Q . What if I’m not satisfied with the program?

Cancel the iCollect debt recovery software within 30 days and we will refund all your money.

Q . What support do I get?

You will receive full technical support, advice on debt collection, the court system and credit control management