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In a recent online survey of Sydney business owners, problems with bad debts and the time devoted to debt collection was identified as one of the top five concerns facing them today.

Most people in business know that, in today’s economic climate, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to show a profit. Business owners need to work harder to make sales. Unfortunately bad debts are also on the increase and the time spent on debt collection is eating into the time that would be better spent in producing a product or making a sale.

Mr. Graeme Byers of Guardian Credit advices business owners to stay on top of their debt situation, and begin the debt collection process as fast as possible after the debt becomes due. “Studies show that the longer a debt is allowed to go uncollected, after the due date, the less likelihood of payment there is”.

Initially debt collection doesn’t have to be a heavy handed move of using a debt collection agency, but you do need to formally advice your creditor, in a friendly but firm manner, that you expect to be paid and you will be taking action to ensure that you are.

Mr. Byers said that the problem appears to be worst in the major cities, like Sydney, and that the Sydney debt collection work his firm is involved in has increased by 42% in the last year. ” Debt collection in Sydney is becoming a major industry, with new debt collection agencies starting up weekly. It is in these companies interest to have the business owner list all their debts with them but often the quicker and cheaper solution is to use debt collection software, like iCollect”.

But what is iCollect?

iCollect is a leading debt collection software/program, that not only has ability to improve your debt collection efforts, but helps collection agencies to make their approach simple yet effective.

iCollect is very user-friendly and the most advanced debt collection software. Please take a moment to review the product information on this site.

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