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Why choose debt collection software over hiring a debt collector?

Why choose debt collection software over hiring a debt collectorGiven the choice, why wouldn’t you keep more of your money to invest in your business, your people and your customers? Too many companies waste their money paying third party collection agencies to recover their debts. Debt collection software like iCollect gives you the same technology used by collection agencies so you can do the job yourself.

Collection software offers more flexibility. It is scalable to all your different customer profiles, large and small, wherever their location. And it’s adaptable to fit in with you and your business processes. You are in control so you can react quickly if you need to. Reduce credit bottlenecks and optimise the timing to suit you.

One of the key advantages of using technology to help you recover debts is the way it allows you to centralise and standardise all your data. Don’t waste time accessing information from different collectors or different agency systems. What happens when you need to find information fast to escalate issues?

With your own collection software it’s easy to keep of track all invoice numbers, key dates, payments owed and amounts outstanding and communication records, all through one platform.

A comprehensive debt recovery system gives you more information at your fingertips so it will allow you to pick up on and resolve issues earlier and in some cases, prevent them from happening at all. You’ll be in a position to make smarter credit decisions and if you must seek legal action, you’ll be armed with all of the information you need.

If you need to collect or manage a debt portfolio, iCollect debt collection software is an easy to use, affordable and hassle free debt recovery system with a proven success rate.


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