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Sick of Persistent Late or Non Paying Debtors?

Sick of Persistent Late or Non Paying DebtorsAre you frustrated by slow or non-paying debtors? Are they putting the success of your business at risk? It is important that businesses explore the options available to them in recovering their outstanding debts before it is too late.

There are lots of great benefits to running your own business. However it’s not so easy when it comes to chasing late payments and having to shoulder that unnecessary debt burden.

Some business owners are forced to invest personal savings into the business and end up damaging relationships with their own suppliers by paying them late. The constraints on cash flow can also result in lost productivity through precious time spent chasing unpaid invoices. Ultimately, there’s a risk of the business failing.

It doesn’t matter how big or small an individual’s debt is, if you let one unpaid invoice go, before you know it the debt can increase rapidly and the time and financial cost chasing a small debt through the courts can make it a worthless exercise.

If you need more support for your business, helping to minimise and even eliminate the impact of late and non-paying debtors, iCollect software offers the perfect solution.
iCollect is innovative software that will ensure a quick, hassle-free recovery of your outstanding debts, helping you collect late payments quickly and cheaply without putting the relationship you’ve built with your customers and your own suppliers at risk. It’s easy to use with excellent on-going support.

So if you’re looking for a solution to your debt recovery issues, free up your time and your cash flow by investing in iCollect – a top performing debt recovery software system with an outstanding success rate.


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