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A Day in the Life of a Debt Collector

A Day in the Life of a Debt CollectorEver wondered what debt collectors actually do? Being a debt collector is essentially a customer service job. In this case, the service is to help people pay their bills when they become overdue.

The first step is finding the debtor. Debt collectors spend their day acting as a detective, searching for information which is often outdated and inaccurate, to help them locate debtors and resolve the debt.

Debt collectors also deal with inbound phone calls as well. They come from either the right debtor they have been trying to reach, the wrong people who live at an address or with a phone number that was once associated with the debtor, or from third parties who know or have a relationship with the debtor.

Once the debt collector makes contact with a debtor they need to find out why they haven’t paid, when they plan on paying, and how they are paying. The debt collector will determine the consumer’s ability to pay and work through different repayment options with them to find one that is practical and manageable.

Debt collectors work with the consumer to try to resolve their account even when clients are upset and frustrated. Over the years, an increasing emphasis has been placed on training debt collectors on conflict resolution so they understand the frustration consumers face and know it is not directed at them personally, but at the situation.

Debt collectors are committed to turning difficult circumstances into positive experiences but it can be a stressful job. Debt collectors are negotiators, mediators, counsellors, accountants, and people too. Their job is to keep people accountable, and do what they can to help.


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