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What is iCollect?

iCollect is an efficient and highly successful debt collection software program used by businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and throughout Australia.

One of the first question we are asked, at Guardian Credit Services, is “how does it work if there are no debt collection fees?” The answer is simple, the iCollect debt collection software program allows you to access our debt collection letters. This gives you the 3rd party impact (us) with none of the related debt recovery costs.

Guardian Credit Services has offered business debt recovery software in Australia for many years. Its best feature is its simplicity. The software was purposely written for ease of use for all users. Find out why iCollect debt collection software is the best solution for debt recovery for everyone in Australia.

Results Guaranteed
No Debt Collectors Fees
No Debt Collection Commissions
All payments through iCollect debt recovery software are paid directly to you, not to a Debt Collection Company. Zero debt collection fees or commissions to pay to debt collectors
Save time. iCollect debt recovery program will handle all your debt collection and can also manage your credit control for you
Easy to use. You will no longer have to put up with the negativity and hassle of chasing your debtors
With iCollect debt collection program you will be paid quicker and preserve customer relationships
Our reputable debt recovery agency is available for full personal support

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Edwina Crawford, a single mother of four is seeking legal action against a debt collection agency for repeated harassment.  Panthera, the debt collection firm at the centre of the lawsuit bought Ms Crawford’s original debt from AGL and now claims she owes them around $5000. According to Ms Crawford, the debt collectors allegedly tried to harass ...

Understanding the Perils of Debt

It’s a whole lot easier getting into debt than getting out of it and staying out. We’ve put together some key points to help in understanding the debt trap. The person who owes money is the debtor. The creditor is the person or company who is owed. The creditor may employ a debt collection agency to have the […]

Builders Taking Hard Line on Clients to Avoid Debt Collection Agencies

A credit crunch for building companies and contractors in New Zealand has seen more builders being chased by debt collectors. Christchurch’s building debt increased by about 40 per cent from 2014 to last year, and one debt collection agency has tripled its workload. It had increased its staff to handle the extra work, the owner said. To avoid […...